Agile Coaching

I offer Agile Coaching to help the company adopt an agile culture and agile methods that allow it to be an adaptable and competitive organization, creating value and continuously improving.

Workshops & Classes

There is a wide range of Lean, Agile, Kanban, and Scrum training workshops and classes that i offer, including accredited courses from Scrum Allience in Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Private Training

Is your company interested in hosting a private training for your employees? I offer hands on workshops and certification-based courses that can be specifically customized to meet your organizational needs.

Miljan Bajic

  • Owner/Founder,
  • Agile Coach

Miljan Bajic is one of the roughly 90 Certified Enterprise Coaches in the world. As an Agile coach, trainer, facilitator, and consultant, he’s supported several organizations in their Agile and Lean transformation journeys. Additionally, he teaches Agile Leadership and Process Improvement at University of Southern Maine and Organizational Change at University of Southern New Hampshire. Miljan is also a frequent speaker having participated in many international conferences and Agile events in Europe and United States.


Why Agile Coaching Works?

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Coaching Skills and Scope

Understand the considerable breadth of the field of enterprise agile coaching, the path to professional mastery, and the ethical considerations therein.

Structures and Process

Analyze current organizational structures against common agile paradigms; Learn to analyze business processes at the organizational level and determine how to make them more agile.

Leadership and Culture

Work with Executive teams to understand organizational needs; leverage leadership development models; engage all organizational levels in conversations about cultural change.

Agile Transitions

Learn how to work with organizations to enact agile transition strategies; manage organizational impediments; realize the fruits of agility at an enterprise level.